7 Sherman Max

7mm Sherman Max

Introducing the new Sherman Max case:

With the trend to building short action rounds on long actions, and  given availability of some new medium length custom actions, plus  Tikkas and the like, we decided to introduce the new 7mm Sherman Max case for increased performance over the amazing SS case when a longer  coal is warranted. 

With that said, the new case is basically an SS on steroids, or a "Shermanized SAUM" if you will. This package, with more capacity and plenty of free bore, should push the 195 Berger to near 3000 fps. This is a lot of performance out of a  SAUM length case!  Compare this to the barrel burning magnums with 20+  grains more capacity, and see what we mean. The cartridge will allow seating the bullet to the lands at 3.090". With something like a Bainey  box, you could still run this round in a standard short action Remington at full performance. 

Besides MAX performance, there will be head stamped brass for this round in May! It will come as SAUM with a Sherman Max head stamp that will head space in your chamber so factory 7 SAUM cartridges could be used in a pinch or just to fire form your brass and break in your  barrel. Reamers will also be available in May and dies soon to follow. The first run of brass will be limited so order yours now. 

This cartridge will no doubt keep with, or surpass the 7WSM with  much better brass and superior design. The combination will be difficult to be beat for ELR matches or a very potent hunting round in a compact  package!        

For those who will surely ask, there are also reamers and dies being built for a 300 and 338 version. You will just need to neck up the 7 max brass.


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7ss vs 7Max (approx)

7ss vs 7Max (approx)