The 270 Sherman has become quite popular for those wanting that 270 nostalgia with the punch of a magnum on an ’06 case size. This is even more appealing with new bullets like the the 170 Berger EOL available. Even though the parent case is the 270 W, you won’t recognize the velocity! 3100 fps has been reached with the 170 Berger and over 3200’ with 150’s. This kind of performance puts the 270 Sherman in the same class as the 7 mm RM with a lot less powder. This cartridge is suitable for medium to large game at extended ranges.

Suitable powders for this cartridge range from H4831, RL23, RL26, H1000 to N570. A 1:9” twist barrel is a good all around choice, with a 1:8 favored for bullets like the 170 EOL Berger.

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270 Sherman LA. 170gr Berger 3080fps

270 Sherman LA. 170gr Berger 3080fps