The 338 Sherman is the new kid on the block and makes everyone wonder why we waited so long! This may be as exciting, and as close to an all around cartridge that we offer! This cartridge is nothing short of amazing for those who have chambered it. With bullets ranging from 180 to 300 grains and from bonded and monos, to long range types like the 250 Berger and 285 ELD, the utility is endless. Barrel length choices are far less critical than most magnums because the Sherman is so efficient in this bore size. My personal build is 700 Remington with a 24” Bartlein, 3b contour, 10 twist barrel and will run the 250 Bergers at close to 2900 fps! Feeding from my standard BDL magazine is flawless. This makes a great carry rifle with over 4600 ft/lbs of muzzle energy and under 24 moa correction at 1000 yards. This makes the same rifle a “bear in the bushes” to “elk across the canyon” choice. You could add mule deer in the flats, or just about any other game animal including a great moose choice.

Powders like Superformance will push the 250 Berger and 285 ELD bullets at close to 2900 and 2700 fps respectively. RL17 and Hybrid 100V are not far behind.

180 and 200 grain bullets can be run at 3200 and 3100 with powders like RL17, and others in that burning rate. 270W brass by RWS is the best choice with Norma 270 also being good.

There are countless old ’06 sized bolt action rifles around that will produce a very low cost “poor mans magnum” that a rich man could also enjoy!

My 3 port muzzle break offers an easy carry on a 24” barrel that really tames the beast. Try one and see what we mean!

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