Most shooters are aware of the popularity of the 280 A.I., and for good reason! Many feel that the A.I. is the equal of the 7mm RM. Well, if you’re going to be a bear, you might as well be a grizzly! The 280 Sherman ups the performance of the A.I. The Sherman utilizes the same parent 270/280 case, but with the superior performance of the Sherman design. Look at it as an A.I. on steroids! The Sherman has the same 40 degree shoulder that is moved forward, but still allows a nice long .311” neck and has less body taper than the A.I. This makes for more capacity which equals greater velocity, and even less case stretching than the A.I. It also puts less thrust against the bolt which better soaks up pressure. The 280 Sherman deserves a lot of consideration for a cartridge that offers flat trajectory with added energy. This is especially true with the many heavy for caliber, high b.c. bullets, that are now available. it is suitable for medium to large game animals.

The 280 Sherman gives best performance, with the heavies, with a 1:8 twist barrel. Powders ranging from H4350 to H1000 work well depending on bullet choice. RL26 gives outstanding performance in many of the offerings.

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