The 6.5 Sherman was the first wildcat created by me and was a result of my appreciation of what the A.I. version would do. I wanted to create at least the velocity of the Gibbs, but with a better case design. The 6.5 Sherman accomplishes just that with a .300” neck which the Gibbs is sorely lacking, but with 75 grain capacity. The 6.5 Sherman has been proven to be king of the ’06 head sized cases, and in fact, will run right with the WM with a lot less powder. With RWS and Norma brass available, it is a difficult combo to beat with max velocities reached of 3100 with a 160 and 3300 with a 140 grain bullet!

This is a flat shooting, hard hitting cartridge is suitable for long range hunting of animals such as deer, elk, and even moose size when loaded with the proper bullet. 

My favorite powders for this cartridge are RL23, RL26, RL33, H1000 and N570. Barrel twist rate of 1:8” is preferred for most applications. Velocities listed are with 26” or longer barrels, but the cartridge is efficient enough to get some pretty impressive results down to 20-22” barrels, which can’t be said of a WM.

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