270 SS


The 270 Sherman Shortmag shares the same case and efficiency as the other SS chamberings. It fits nicely in the laser trajectory combined with high energy class offerings. Being only .007” smaller in diameter than the 7SS, performance is very comparable. it provides a nice option for people who just like that 270 flair, if you know what I mean. Kind of like Ford vs Chevy!

With the 170 grain Berger EOL at around 3050 fps, this puts the 270 in the same class as the 7SS for long range work. If your game is speed and less recoil, a 140 grainer at 3300’ will really float your boat! Powders from H4350 to H1000 are best suited for the 270, with RL26 giving excellent velocities and accuracy. This chambering makes a great pack rifle with plenty of pop. With the efficiency of the Sherman design, I am able to run 150 grain bullets up to 3150 fps in a 21” barrel. With lightweight components, my rifle weighs in at an honest 7 lbs. field ready, and that with a #3 contour fluted barrel with plenty of rigidity.

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 270 SS with 170gr Berger. 2.92" COAL

 270 SS with 170gr Berger. 2.92" COAL