300 SS


The 300 Sherman Short shares the same body as other Sherman SS designs and also the same benefits of efficient functioning in a short action rifle. For a person wanting 300 magnum performance in a 3” cartridge, the 300 SS is the way to go. The 300 puts a little more emphasis on delivering energy on larger animals, but still offers flat trajectory and good wind bucking ability. With a bullet like the 215 Berger launched at over 2900 fps, in a true short action, the benefits are obvious. Only 23 moa scope correction at 1000 yards and 1000 ft/lbs. of energy clear out to 1500 yards.

With a good 200 grain class monolithic bullet, or bonded bullet, the 300 has plenty of pop for any animal on the north american continent when being launched at over 3000 fps!

Powders in the H4350 to RL26 burning rate are best suited for this cartridge.

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