338 SS


The 338 Sherman Short is the new kid on the block that is gaining a lot of attention with hunters desiring a true short action rifle that can deliver over 2 tons of muzzle energy, and double as a long range weapon when you hit the open areas! A 250 Berger EOL with 2800 fps mv, for example, delivers 4363 ft/lbs of muzzle energy and still carries over 1700 ft/lbs of retained energy at 1000 yards with only 25 moa of scope correction. All this with a maximum coal of 2.970” make this a true do all package. 200 grain bullets like the Accubond can be launched at over 3100 fps. With 200+ grain monos, like the Hammer or Barnes offerings, this rifle becomes a “bear in the alder patch” rifle with impressive numbers and quick handling! With the efficiency that this cartridge offers, shorter than normal barrels will deliver the load! 

Powders ranging from Varget to H100V will be best suited, depending on bullet weight, with RL17 range giving top velocities with the heaviest loads. i.e. 61-62 grains of RL17 approx 2800 with a 250 Berger.

Head stamped brass expected May 2019

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