6.5 SS


The 6.5 Sherman Short fills a long overdue gap in short action performance. The ballistics on this cartridge rival belted magnums with 10 grains more capacity and do it at under 3” coal.

The cartridge is at its best with the 140 and heavier class bullets with maximum velocities of near 3100’ with a 160 and nearly 3300 with a 140, when using the slowest powders available. The best operating range is realistically in the 3000-3200’ range with these bullets for accuracy, case and barrel life. Simply put, there is no equal out there in a factory offering, at this cartridge overall length. (coal)

The best powders tested in this cartridge, for overall performance, range in burning rate from H4831 to RL33. My personal favorites are RL26, and H1000 with N570 and RL33 giving top velocities, especially in the 150+ grain bullets.

Good starting loads with 140 class bullets would be 54 grains of RL26, and depending on the individual rifle, might reach as much as 60+ grains. With H1000, you could start 2 1/2 grains higher. 

Federal 210’s and BR2’s are the  primers of choice for most applications with magnum primers being considered with powders like N570 and RL33.

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6.5 Sherman Short w/ 150gr Sierra HPBT

6.5 Sherman Short w/ 150gr Sierra HPBT