6.5 SST


With the highly successful SS design in place, many were asking for something designed specifically for PRS. With this in mind, I set out to develope the Sherman Short Tactical. I wanted something that would run a higher b.c. bullet with good velocity, good barrel life, and manageable recoil. I felt that most of the hot rod 6’s were leaving performance on the table, and the SAUM, PRC, and the like, were designed with less than optimum coal for an efficient case to run in a short action. The SS seemed like a good starting point with some minor modifications. I used the same saum parent and maintained the same body taper as the SS. I replaced the 40 degree shoulder with a 30 and changed the head space slightly so that the SST could be fired in the SS chamber if desired. I left a nice long neck (.317”) and shortened the throat on the reamer so that the SST has a 2.795” coal with a 147 ELDM and will cycle through almost any action.

Testing proved very satisfying with a 140 reaching just south of 3200’ if pushed hard in a 26” barrel. Accuracy was outstanding at 3000’ to over 3100 fps with 54-56 grains of powder and recoil was quite mild with my 3 port brake. Just for grins, I tried some H4895 behind a 130 ELDM for a very mild recoiling, low pressure load. 42 grains yielded 2900’ with a single digit es and shot .1’s! With this load, a barrel would last a good, long time! Newly prepped brass had very minimal fire forming (just a bit of taper) and in fact, shot nearly as well as once fired, even with max loads. The end result was a case that is only about 50-75 feet short of the SS on a 2.795” coal that will cycle smoothly through just about any short action set up. It will outrun the PRC and keep right up with a SAUM that is running much longer cartridge length. we expect barrel life to be a minimum of 2500 rounds or more.

The first chambering, after my own, was done for a PRS shooter in Idaho. In his words “the rifle shoots better than I can” and “my scores have consistently improved and I am moving up in the standings”! He is now in his first full season and is still moving toward the top. He recently told me that he now has 1000 rounds through the rifle with no significant wear and no load change. The brass is still tight and he has not even had to trim yet. He is running the 140 RDF’s at just under 3100’. Another shooter in Az. loves his and says it is the most accurate rifle he has ever shot in PRS. A couple of his friends are joining the team after seeing his results. Several more are being built currently and will be showing in a match near you!

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