6mm Sherman Short Tactical


6mm SST (Sherman Short Tactical)

Naturally, with the 6.5 SST in production, folks started asking for a 6mm version. It seemed like a good platform to get about the most out of a short action possible, so why not?

The 6mm is simply a necked down 6.5 designed to shoot a 115 DTAC, 115 Berger, or 110 Sierra at max velocity at a 2.8 coal. This is not only a great fit in most actions but positions the bullet perfectly in the case neck. Even though barrel life was a bit of a concern, I decided that with this cartridge maxing out around 3450-3500’, the 3200’ PRS limit would actually have this cartridge on cruise control with fairly low pressures. With this in mind, I had JGS grind out a reamer and gauge and off we go! The 2 PRS shooters currently lined up to shoot it think it will tilt the advantage in their favor. At the time of this post, a rifle has been chambered and testing will start this week. I will be adding updates as we move along. Strap on your seat belts! 

This will also be excellent as a long range antelope/deer laser as well as coyote hunting and varmint vaporizers!

I expect Retumbo in the 55 grain area to be in the ballpark for a PRS load possibly maxing out around 60-61 grains. Powders like N570 and RL33 will likely bring the round to max velocity.

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6 SST with 115gr dtac to lands. 2.795" COAL

6 SST with 115gr dtac to lands. 2.795" COAL

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