7 SS


The 7mm Sherman Short shares the same design as the other SS family members and also shares the same benefits. High efficiency performance rivaling belted magnums with 10 grains more capacity, while cycling the high b.c. bullets through a true short action design.

The 7 SS is a great choice for those who want laser trajectory coupled with more energy than the 6.5 SS. It is suitable for ethical long range hunting for medium to large North American animals. It has also found a following in some competitive circles such as F-class.

The 7SS is at its best with bullets ranging from 160-195 grains, and with powders ranging in burning rate from 4831 to H1000. RL26 and H1000 are my personal favorites, and newer powders with good temp stability, like RL23, should also work well! The 7SS is capable of max velocities of well over 3000’ with 180 class bullets and over 2900’ with even the 195’s.

As with other SS bore sizes, the 7SS has no rivals with an under 3” coal.

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7ss vs 7 saum 180 berger

7ss vs 7 saum 180 berger