Bighorn Sales - Houston, BC

Canadian Supplier of Sherman Brass

Sherman Wildcat Cartridges is proud to partner with Bighorn Sales in Houston, British Columbia as our official Canadian distributor of Sherman Wildcat Brass.

Bighorn Sales is the Canadian Distributor for Benchmark  Barrels--world-class match grade barrels--as well as Manson Precision  Reamers and Alpha Munitions brass.    They also carry gunsmith tooling and supplies, as well as a large variety  of firearms parts, reloading supplies, brass and projectiles. If its for a bolt action rifle, they likely stock or can order it in for you!  Product names they carry include Stiller's Precision, Defiance, Bighorn  Arms, Lone Peak, Turbo, Borden Rifles, Impact Precision and Remington  actions, triggers by Jewell, Timney and TriggerTech, Whidden &  Redding dies, McMillan, Manners, HSP Precision, Greyboe, Masterpiece  Arms, XLR, Cadex stocks & chassis, Area 419, Score-Hi, Xtreme  Hardcore Gear, Hawkins, Viper, muzzle breaks and much, much more. 

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