Patriot Valley Arms

Pre-fit barrels & Customer Rifles


Sherman Wildcat Cartridges is proud to partner with Patriot Valley Arms to offer Pre-fit and custom barrels in various Sherman calibers. PVA, founded by engineer Josh Kunz, makes tack driving custom rifles and cuts exceptionally accurate barrels. 

They make it easy to upgrade to a Sherman Wildcat in your collection with the ability to order pre-fit barrels for today’s most popular rifle platforms makes. These barrels are available in button rifling or cut rifling. The supported rifle platforms include Savage (small shank), Remage, Tikka, Ruger American, Bighorn Arms TL3/Origin, American Rifle Company Mausingfield/Nucleus,  and Accuracy International. Bolt face compatibility will apply. Custom barrel options are available as well. 

Not only do their make exception custom rifles but they also offer their new factory rifle called the John Hancock which features custom quality and stays below the PRS Factory Division pricing.


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Engineering Repeatability

Engineering Repeatability